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It is the essential feature or wireless solar lights for deck. If you are using it to car roads, it should be noticed that the pressure tolerance is around 20 tons. It is impressive that the solar charging time is much less than the using time. It is able to be turned on for approx. Besides, it is IP68 waterproof, which is durable in rainy weather. If you do not want an invasive installation, these outdoor lights would not be your best choice because we need to drill holes on floor or other surface during installation. Nevertheless, it embellishes the backyard at night.

Yard lights are a great way to illuminate buildings, driveways, and provide night security after dark. Even so, to find the right kind of yard lights, you ought to consider lamp efficiency. You can easily figure out the efficiency of a yard lighting lamp by checking lumens produced and power consumed. That is why it is important to figure out the power and lumens required for yard lights. A yard that too brightly lit creates glare and ends up looking like a penitentiary. On the other hand, dim lights rob you the security and convenience benefits of outdoor lighting.

So, how do you know what type of lights to choose? Different types of outdoor lighting bulbs come with different wattage capacities. The wattage capacity of a bulb is the amount of electricity it consumes. The higher the wattage capacity, the higher your electricity bill. Every light source has a different emission capacity. Lumens is the measurement of light emission intensity by a light source.

You can also define lumens as the light output or brightness. Generally, a standard incandescent light watt produces lumens. The type of lamps you choose dictates the lumens and power required to adequately light up your yard. It is why you should figure out lamp efficiency before installing outdoor lights. Lamp efficiency is the number of lumens produced per electric watt consumed. The lumens and power capacity demanded by yard lights depends on various factors. First, it is the size of your yard. The following factors will determine the watts required:. These bulbs have high wattages, consuming 80 watts per second or higher, and have high levels of light pollution.

Entry points instruct bright lights, while pathways should have uniformly- spaced and moderate lighting. The best lamps for small yards are mid-range wattages lamps. These lamps produce gentle to moderate lighting and consume 40 to 80 watts. You can also light a broad area by mounting this kind of lamps from a post or wall. However, the mid-range wattages lamps can create an unpleasant night-time glare when mounted directly adjacent to your windows.

In as much as low-wattage bulbs have low energy consumption and light pollutions, the number of lumens produced is not enough to light even a small yard. Low-wattage bulbs are best for illuminating outdoor sitting areas, lighting doorways, or accenting flowerbeds. A low wattage bulb consumes up to 40 watts. The power and lumens required for yard lights depend on the light efficacy needed. Different bulbs have dissimilar power consumption and lumen production levels, and hence unequal efficiency.

By determining the adequate amount of light a yard needs, you can easily figure out the lumens and power required. Both solar and electric lights add new dimensions to your yard. They create a special ambiance and bring spotlight to spaces and features in the garden that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Garden lights provide both safety and beauty. Without proper lighting, you cannot enjoy its beauty in the night. Also, there are risks that if you venture into unlit areas, you might stumble upon something and hurt yourself. Worse, it can be a family member who meets with such an accident in the backyard!

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Once you have decided to install proper lighting, how do you select long-lasting outdoor lightings? There are two choices — solar and electric. Solar lights for landscape are very popular these days. Most solar lighting fixtures come in standalone format and can be individually installed in your yard. Good quality solar products are durable and perform very well.

They are also environment-friendly and produce no power bill for the illumination they provide. But some users point out the fact that solar batteries need to be replaced after every years. Wired electrical garden lightings are also good options. Once you have installed the lightings, they do not require much maintenance and continue to serve for many years without developing any glitch. Unlike solar lighting, electric lighting works alright in all weather conditions, making it a preferred choice for cold and rainy regions.

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If finding a long-lasting outdoor lighting is your concern, you can consider both solar and electric lights. Both have their advantages. However, the weather condition of your region might force you to choose electric lights. For all other situations, solar lights are equally good and long-lasting. It just needs its battery to be replaced after 2 -3 years. If you are into matters of gardening and home improvement, you are undeniably inspired and awed by the idea of the dusk to dawn lights. The dusk to dawn lights work in a manner as suggested by its name.

The basic unit for this type of operation is their photosensor cells. These cells have the ability to detect sunlight; and in the absence of sunlight, they light up the place. Most of the time, they are situated on the outside so as to illuminate the area during the night when it is pitch dark. Once the sunlight comes to at dawn, the lights automatically switch off as a result of detection of the light. This is a good model that saves a lot in terms of energy costs as well as time. Some come equipped with motion sensors that make the dusk to dawn lights a good home security accessory.

Again, some of these photosensitive aspects of these lights can also be taken advantage for and some make them solar based. Thus, they get their energy from sunlight and go a long way in saving electricity by depending on a renewable energy source. Why is it useful in yard? This could be another question lingering on your mind. These lights are quite beneficial in your outdoors; more so if you have an expansive garden or patio. Let us have a glance to the usefulness of dusk to dawn lights in relation to its various applications.

If you have an ornamental garden with blooming plants, then it is obvious that you need to show them off. What better way to show them of like putting the lights on them? At night when it is all dark, the light at your garden brightens up the place and screams for attention due to the beauty it oozes. This is made better if you have plants that bloom at night.

The beauty that emanates from your garden remains a sight to behold. In this case, the lights function as a home ornamental accessory. Outdoors lights also serve as a security accessory and the dusk to dawn lights are definitely no exception. By lighting up the yard it deters burglars from intruding your compound for fear of being seen.

It also comes in handy in keeping away animals that may prove to be pests to the plants in your gardens such as squirrels. Some of these lights are fitted with motion sensors that trigger an alarm on detection of movement. This helps in keeping you alert in case there is any intrusion detected.

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A major problem when it comes to outdoor lights is the maintenance costs which translate to electricity bills. Most of the hike in electricity bills comes when you forget to turn the lights off when dawn sets in. With dusk to dawn lights, this problem is no longer an issue as they automatically turn on and off in response to sunlight.

When the sun rises, the lights turn off and this saves you from additional bills that would otherwise be incurred if you forgot to turn the lights off. It also saves on the hassles of constantly going out at night to turn the lights on and doing the same in the morning to turn the lights off.

This makes the lights very effective as a home addition. For the lights that depend on solar, they are more energy saving courtesy of their dependence on a renewable energy source. These lights come with a control feature that allows you to tune the lighting to your preference.

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This enables you to focus the light on certain areas and dim it in other areas. This is a good feature especially if you have neighbors who may be irritated with too much light. You can increase the brightness of the lights in areas where it is much needed such as at your outdoor garden. This lightens up the ambiance of your garden and as earlier indicated radiate it in the long run. The issue of lights going on and off is very irritating to many people.

When it comes to outdoor lights, it becomes more disturbing especially if you want to relax in your yard and maybe read a book at night. With the dusk to dawn lights, it is high time to say goodbye to this issue as you are going to have an uninterruptible power supply. This is due to the fact that they are dependent on the presence of sunlight in order to function. So long as there is no sunlight you are assured of uninterrupted lighting.

You can also get dusk to dawn lights that can function as grow lights for your plants. This is useful especially in situations where the plants need additional light for them to grow perfectly. So when the sun sets, the bulbs go on and continue providing light for the plants.

If you have a garden, you are assured of impressive productivity as the plants have more food made from the light reaction. These are some of the various ways in which the dusk to dawn lights is useful in your backyard. They are unique and come in a variety in which you should pick according to your preference. If you need lights of reduced brightness you can go for bulbs with low watts.

It is a good lighting system that ensures constant lighting for your home when needed. If fitted with motion sensors, they become a good security accessory that goes a long way in keeping intruders at bay. Yard light is an important part of every home, which not only provides security but also peace of mind. To bring down your power consumption and minimize light pollution, many people choose motion sensing lights that glows only when there is an activity within their field of vision.

Motion sensing yard lights are often a huge hindrance to intruders and thieves. Offenders often try to attack houses with low to no light, so that they do not get caught-up during their operation. Installing a motion senor light in your yard, will clearly give them a signal that this is not the place to mess up. These lights are intended to switch on automatically when they sense any movement in the yard to alert the house owner of a possible intruder and scare them away. These lights also have the ability to minimize your energy consumption and cost. This is how it works: Motion sensors lights have detectors to detect moving objects.

When these detectors sense any movement, it automatically turns on the light, which continues to glow anywhere from 1 to 20 minutes, depending on how you have set the timer. Then the detector shuts off the light unless it continues to detect any movement. Motion sensor lights do not glow in the daytime. It has a semi-circular field of view and a distance range that can extend up to 70 feet adjustable on most detectors. Motion sensor yard lights will keep your home more safe and secure, especially if you use them along with a security camera. It can keep pests away from your trash can and away from your yard.

To detect movement, different types of motion sensors are used; microwave pulses. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Do your research on what works best for your situation, if you are planning to install one in your home. There are several reasons why solar powered lights are important for yard lighting. Solar powered lights offer a wireless, eco-friendly solution to meet almost any outdoor lighting need.

Not only are they more affordable than ever, but the ease of installation and freedom from wires also allow homeowners to install these lights in places where conventional lamps might require a lot more planning. Here are the three reasons why anyone decorating their patio or yard should consider lights powered by solar panels. No doubt the best part about solar lighting products is that the light they give off can burn all night without adding to your electricity bill.

The most basic models will come with a light sensor which detects the lighting level and switch the lamps off during the day and on when the sun goes down. This allows the batteries to recharge during the day for use at night. There are different battery capacities and such, so it is a good idea to research different models to find one that matches your needs. As a society, we are becoming ever more conscious about our power consumption especially in this age of blackouts or brownouts caused by excessive stress on the power grid.

That also plays a significant role in the environmental impact of excessive energy consumption for something of little importance like decorative lighting. Unlike conventionally wired lights that require power lines, installing solar lights can save you the trouble of having to dig up your yard.

It also eliminates the problem of damage to your wires, such as those caused by weather or animals, which adds another layer of maintenance effort. As long as the area receives sufficient exposure to sunlight during the daytime, you can install the solar powered lights almost any outdoor area you please. Are you looking for effective options to save on your energy bill? You should always act smart while using lights for your home and yard.

According to a study report, an average household spends five percent of its energy budget on the lighting only. You can reduce the bill in a significant manner by switching to the energy efficient lighting. These are the best to cut your energy bill. It will save a lot of energy and will reduce your energy bill. Some CFL lights can be used in an enclosed fixture to protect them from the weather.

They can withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain and snow. They can be used in the exposed fixtures. You can expect some advanced features such as motion sensors and automatic daylight shut-off. These features will ensure better functionality. In addition, now LED lights are available in many different models such as the replacement for the 60W, 40W, and 75W traditional incandescent and reflector bulbs. These are available in different colors and some advanced features. They can offer a durable result and save your money in a great manner. You might need to spend more for the LED lights up front.

But when you will consider the benefits, you will find it affordable. These lights will reduce your energy cost and will offer a lasting result as well. Do you want to buy LED lights for your yard but you are wondering if you are making the right decision? If yes then relax because you are making the right decision.

LED lights are great for both indoor and outdoor use. Unlike CFL and incandescent bulbs that are usually affected by outdoor temperature changes and other weather elements, LED lights can withstand elements of weather including cold temperatures and work perfectly just like they would when used indoors. The biggest challenges that CFL and traditional bulbs have is cold weather. They usually take longer to reach full brightness when exposed to cold weather.

However, that is now the case with LED yard lights. They usually produce light through light emitting diodes that produce very little heat. As a result, cold temperatures are not a major concern to them as it is on other types of lighting. Unlike CFL and incandescent bulbs that produce faint light when used outdoors especially during cold season, LED yard lights have light emitting diodes that emit a brighter light.

This makes them perfect for outdoor because they light the yard, street or sidewalks better. When you use LED lights on your yard, then you can use your yard even during the night without struggling to see because it will be well lit. LED lights have the longest lifespan. They can last up to , regardless on of the number of times that are switched on and off.

They will not only produce brighter light when installed outdoor but they will also serve you for a long period of time regardless of the condition that they are exposed to. LED lights are the most energy efficient bulbs on the market today. They also consume less energy than CFL light because they usually produce more lumens per watts that enable them to produce brighter light using incredibly low energy. Unlike incandescent lights that takes time to heat up in order to produce quality light, LED lights usually produce quality light instantly even when the temperature is cold.

LED lights need little heat to operate. As a result, they usually produce quality bright light instantly even when the outdoor weather is below freezing. In conclusion, if you have been wondering if LED yard light is good for outdoor cold weather, then today you have the answer. LED yard lights are highly recommended because they consume less energy and can last for up to 20 years, making replacement rare. In addition to that, they also come in a wide variety of color temperatures and brightness, meaning that you can choose one that suits your outdoor needs.

A lumen is a unit measuring for the brightness of a bulb. The word lumen is derived from the word luminous which means radiant or bright. The higher the lumen rating, the brighter the lamp will appear and vice versa. Most people usually buy bulbs based on watts consumption without knowing the amount of light they project. According to the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, an average living room of square feet needs about lumens which is equivalent to about 5x W incandescent light bulb or eight 10W LED bulbs.

However, the number of lumens that you need depends on many factors including the height and size of the ceiling, size of the room, the type of filling and lamps, color scheme and your needs as the user. Checking lumen when purchasing the outdoor light is important because it shows how efficient the bulb is able to convert power to light. You have spent a lot of time and effort making your property look gorgeous, and it now deserves to be seen, no matter which time of night or day. With the right system of yard lights, you can show off the most beautiful and impressive features on your garden after the sun has gone down.

If you are new to the world of landscape lighting, then it is likely to feel a little bit overwhelmed since there are too many options available on the market. Each of them has pros and cons to create various lighting effects. Keep reading to learn more about different types of landscaping lights to choose the right option for your home. This is the most common kind of yard lights which can be seen in many properties.

These units are typically small posts which come with a built-in light. You can spread them out down a sidewalk, garden path or use them to frame out a feature or space in the yard. Because pathway lights are available in a variety of styles and designs, they often have more decorative looks than other types of lighting. In addition to creating a safe walkway to your house or security to the exterior area, path lights can also create a pleasing blend of warm, glowing spots of light which define or highlight the garden or walkway spaces. For more permanent and effective lighting, it is advisable to buy wired rather than solar units, which provide minimal light in case you are in urgent need, such as for a barbecue event or for a surprise guest who is unfamiliar with your home.

Well lights are basically a variant form of the recessed spotlights which lie level with the ground to create seamless looks in both hardscape and landscape settings. Since these units are installed in the ground, they are specially designed to allow water to pass through the fixtures and drain into the soil. The optical compartments inside the housing are sealed carefully to keep water from damaging electrical components. To ensure long-lasting uses, you need to install well lights in well-drained areas like tree grates.

Spotlights are originated from the theater world where they are used to emphasize the main actors. In a similar fashion, landscape spotlights are specially designed to bring the same effect in your yard. Unlike floodlights which shed light in a wide space, this type of lighting features narrower beams to make sure it can focus on only one structure at a time.

You can find spotlights everywhere since they are the backbone of most landscape systems.

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These are versatile units which can be used to highlight an area of interest in your garden, such as an outstanding statue, tree or architectural details. They are most often installed on the ground to create uplighting, but you can also mount them up high to bring downlighting as well. There are also waterproof units which are designed to be fully submersible and light ponds or other underwater features. Floodlights are often considered as the heavy-duty counterparts of the path lights. They can reproduce the all-embracing illumination from the sun, which is often seen at most sports stadiums.

In addition, they are great options to stylize your yard by illuminating the best feature, whether it is an oak tree, a fountain, or an architectural masterpiece. Also, you can install them to separate the driveway from the yard or add more security during the night. Compared to spotlights, floodlights often have wider angles and higher wattages. Also known as fairy lights or globe lights, string lights can be most familiar during the Christmas with their colorful and decorative glows. Their bulbs are quite short, but the ultimate flexibility makes it great options for exterior applications.

Indeed, these are inexpensive and beautiful units to decorate your yard during festive occasions or parties. The best way of setting up string lights is to create an outlining effect on plants. Trees decorated with a series of these units could look festive during the holidays or any time of the year when you need to light up your outdoor space or backyard. All you need to do is to find a tree in the garden which has elegant branches or an interesting form which could look amazingly striking under illumination. Driveway lighting is essential to create a welcoming and safe entrance to your property.

A well-laid drive, whether it is brick, cement, stone, or grave could only be beautified with the installation of a lighted border. This type of light is especially important in areas or neighborhoods which are dim since they can provide the drivers and homeowners with the necessary cues and ensure safety. They are available in both electrical and solar options, though the former units are more durable and provide better illumination.

Modern driveway lights are great for circular or curved drives, while high vintage street lamp-style models might create a warmly decadent look over expansive areas.

3 Easy Grow Light Set Ups for Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors & Lumens and Kelvin Explained

A common mistake that many owners often make is to light their driveways with so many units, which eventually creates a runway-like effect. Instead, it is better to make a careful plan and set up enough units to ensure safe driving and beautiful landscape. The overall effect could be further improved with the addition of landscaping implements such as foliage or flora. Your backyard is most prone to intrusion by burglars or even unwanted pests such as squirrels or raccoons.

That is why you need to have a motion sensor light to help you beat any trespassers at their game. So what are they and how do they function? The motion sensing lights are automatically light on the slight detection of motion. They are perfect additions to your yard. These are lights are fitted with infrared sensors that detect either heat or motion and cause the lights to go on in response. These lights are very useful and can be used in many settings. They have a lot of applications as we can see below. As they detect any slight motion, the motion sensor lights go a long way in ensuring your safety.

This is by attracting your attention and making you alert when they turn on as an indication of motion. There are some areas of your compound that do not necessarily require lighting unless when you are around. At night when you are at such areas in your home, there is no need for you to go fumbling with switches as the light automatically goes on when your movements are detected. These lights also go a long way in saving energy by lighting when and if needed. This means when there is no motion these lights are going to remain off. Compared to compound lights that light up during the night, the motion sensing lights are efficient in saving energy.

The majority of the homeowners come up with this question when decorating their yard. These people actually look for the right method of figuring out the exact number of lighting fixtures a home needs. Actually, a number of factors should be taken into account for determining how many lighting fixtures your backyard would need. Landscape lights have a series of applications. They can be used for creating different kinds of scenes. For example, people who keep inviting guests might want their back patio to have a suitable atmosphere for events and parties.

In such a situation, one must look to have lights that would not keep the region illuminated but will also enhance its visual appeal. When it comes to lighting up the patio, one of the most fascinating options you would come across is bistro lighting. Combine it with moon lighting and the space would have the exact ambience you are looking for. You must also know what kind of lighting you should avoid. For creating an inviting ambience for parties and other events , you should stay away from flood lights. They might offer functional lighting but will never create a welcoming atmosphere.

People with a small fish pond in their yard must use enough lighting for making it the most talked about feature of the landscape. This would allow them to spend relaxing hours by the side of the pond both during the day and after sunset. Most stores selling yard lighting fixtures will have pond and fish pond lights in their collection. They are the best options when it comes to making fish ponds duly visible during the evening. If none of the above tips applies for your garden, you should consider three key elements.

They are:. We would like to say that instead of thinking too much about the number of yard lighting fixtures you need, you must make sure that the lighting units installed by you are allowing you to highlight both the functional and artistic aspect of your home.

Easy Gardens Volume 5 - Bulbs Easy Gardens Volume 5 - Bulbs
Easy Gardens Volume 5 - Bulbs Easy Gardens Volume 5 - Bulbs
Easy Gardens Volume 5 - Bulbs Easy Gardens Volume 5 - Bulbs
Easy Gardens Volume 5 - Bulbs Easy Gardens Volume 5 - Bulbs
Easy Gardens Volume 5 - Bulbs Easy Gardens Volume 5 - Bulbs
Easy Gardens Volume 5 - Bulbs Easy Gardens Volume 5 - Bulbs
Easy Gardens Volume 5 - Bulbs Easy Gardens Volume 5 - Bulbs
Easy Gardens Volume 5 - Bulbs Easy Gardens Volume 5 - Bulbs

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