Jingo (Discworld, Book 21) (UK Edition)

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According to the data inside of the books, they're from ish. Okay, these books are weird. They have no ISBN. The inside of the book has a BCA logo, here are the barcodes, with the number printed above the barcode, as well another weird thing, I've never seem that before. Maybe they're some sort of book club edition?

Terry Pratchett, Tony Robinson - Jingo: (Discworld Novel 21) (Audiobook CD)

Either way, I'm willing to sell them, if anyone wants them. The measurements are 20x14, instead of the regular Ah, they're BCA editions. You need to look for Victor Gollancz in future. If your seller failed to note this, I would complain. It was mentioned in the auction that those would be BCA editions, but since I had no idea, what that would mean, and they looked the same as the Gollancz editions, I didn't pay further attention to it. Do you know a good place, outside of ebay, to sell these books?

Dicworld forums or something? Just looking at making back the money I'd paid for them so I can go look for the proper editions that I'm missing Markham Jan 21, , pm. I also really want to collect the Discworld novels. I must confess, I'm pretty picky though, so I want them to be hardback and also to match in size and look as much as possible. If I can't get a uniform set of the original artwork then my thinking is that I may as well go for the CL because they're cheaper and Transworld might bring out the full set eventually.

Well after dithering for ages I've finally started doing something about collecting a hardback set. Has meant rearranging the book shelves to get them to fit, but I think that's a worthwhile sacrifice to make. Serious the geeky kind collectors might consider a visit to abebooks. Anyone else collecting the hardcovers with Joe McLaren's illustrations? I like the art better than kidby's personally. I sat here struggling with myself, trying to justify it as a Christmas gift. Then I thought, well I could buy the Death novels for my son for Christmas, the Witch novels for my daughter, and the Guard novels for me.

Now, if any of my family wants to know what to buy me for a gift, I can send them there to fill in with the others I restrained myself from buying. Yes, it's a great artistic style and fits the novels well enough to make me smile. The problem with these new collector editions by Gollancz is that they don't own the rights to anything past Jingo. Just like the letterboxed versions.

Jingo: A Discworld Novel (Discworld Novels) - AbeBooks - Terry Pratchett:

Now I understand why that is. Gollancz blog: N. The slightly longer answer is that we do not control rights in any of the Discworld books after Jingo; they are published by Transworld. We now return you to your regular viewing. I wonder if Joe McLaren could be persuaded to make a cover for each DW novel, and put it up on his website to print out in the same way Jasper Fforde does with the Thursday Next novels.

I too would love to be able to get all the editions after Jingo in Joe's artwork. Prior to their release I was undecided as to whether they would fit on my bookshelf, however I jumped in and bought them all plus the Good Omens too. Never really worried about book height, I just have them in chronological order.

Discworld (Books 1 & 2) By Terry Pratchett - REVIEW

And you're missing the author on a few books. Thanks Jerry, I uploaded a quick file from Datacrow. I'll have to manually add them. I also have different VG versions of the Letterbox editions, I need to be able to list them separately from each other. I'll have a look at my collection data and I'll try to fix them.

You combined editions?? I have different versions of both of those titles. LibraryThing's images don't match the actual covers. I'll now have to see if I can update those to.

Jingo: (Discworld Novel 21) (Discworld Novels)

Pictures, How do you embed a picture, like further up? I am slowly adding the Joe McLaren editions. I love having Discworld in hardcover because they are books I will read more than one time. I still have to get the Rincewind novels and Good Omens and maybe a couple of others. Just bought the Death novels and Eric for my birthday. As I pulled them out of the packages, my son was Oooing and Ahhhing over them, then grabbed Eric and ran to his room to read it.

He has read the Death novels. I have in hardcover also, but I don't read them, I just collect I have multiple editions of the same title On LT we do combine editions, yes. You can just add your editions to the main work.


The cover and details you put in will stay with your books. You can search for the covers on the work page, select the one you want and it will stay with your book. Hi, I joined the group after looking for an answer to my inquiry I started collecting Discworld, paperback copies from Corgi.

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So far I've got 6 and my only issue is with "Equal Rites" which is larger than the rest of them Does anyone else collect this edition? Did you find the same issue? Oh, so they are indeed two different listings Well I guess my collection won't be uniform then. So happy to hear this! I really hope that Book Depository will be carrying them as well, since I am in America.

Thought I would check at Gollancz to see if any more books had been published with Joe McLaren covers, and they have! Just a quick shout-out to JerryMmm whose ISBN list for the Letterbox editions has been very useful to me and seems to be only spot on the internet where all this info is compiled in one location. I, too, collect the Letterbox editions, and over the last five years have watched a number of them become hard to find.

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  • ISBN 13: 9780552167598.
  • Book:Jingo;
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At all. Not available anywhere at all right now: Interesting Times LB - 21 Oct - Hope this helps anybody else who is crazy enough to hunt for these! I have had some success with incompetently listed titles on eBay; i. Of course finding those is tricky End result was one very nice copy for the shelf and one for the trash. Sheer dumb luck though I should've focused on them when I realized they were becoming more expensive 10 y ago. Instead I was cheap and went with the cheaper ones first. Discworld goes to war!

And so with no ships, no army and no money, Ankh-Morpork goes to war against the Klatchian army claiming the rock as their own. Undaunted by the prospect of being tortured to death by vastly superior numbers of enemy troops, a small band of intrepid men and a very thick troll set out under the command of Sir Samuel Vimes of the City Watch. If they can survive long enough, maybe they can arrest an entire army for breach of the peace You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter. For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy.

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Jingo (Discworld, Book 21) (UK Edition) Jingo (Discworld, Book 21) (UK Edition)
Jingo (Discworld, Book 21) (UK Edition) Jingo (Discworld, Book 21) (UK Edition)
Jingo (Discworld, Book 21) (UK Edition) Jingo (Discworld, Book 21) (UK Edition)
Jingo (Discworld, Book 21) (UK Edition) Jingo (Discworld, Book 21) (UK Edition)
Jingo (Discworld, Book 21) (UK Edition) Jingo (Discworld, Book 21) (UK Edition)
Jingo (Discworld, Book 21) (UK Edition) Jingo (Discworld, Book 21) (UK Edition)
Jingo (Discworld, Book 21) (UK Edition) Jingo (Discworld, Book 21) (UK Edition)
Jingo (Discworld, Book 21) (UK Edition) Jingo (Discworld, Book 21) (UK Edition)
Jingo (Discworld, Book 21) (UK Edition) Jingo (Discworld, Book 21) (UK Edition)

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