Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense

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Types of mobile malware

Such malware already is prevalent, and researchers and practitioners anticipate that this and other forms of malware will become one of the greatest threats affecting millions of smartphone users in the near future.

Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense - eBook -

The user may be in a rush or distracted, or maybe it is the user's kid who has the phone. Whatever the case may be, it is a well-known problem that people do not look at these warnings; they just click 'yes. Current operating systems provide inadequate security against these malware attacks, putting the burden of prevention upon the user.

The current anti-virus systems are ineffective against such constantly evolving malware.

Mobile Ransomware Android Security Fail - Cyber Smart Defence

UAB pursued research to find a mechanism that would defend against mobile malware that can exploit critical and sensitive mobile device services, especially focusing on the phone's calling service, camera and NFC. This study from researchers within the UAB College of Arts and Sciences Department of Computer and Information Sciences and Center for Information Assurance and Joint Forensics Research explains how natural hand gestures associated with three primary smartphone services -- calling, snapping and tapping -- can be detected and have the ability to withstand attacks using motion, position and ambient sensors available on most smartphones as well as machine learning classifiers.

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If a human user attempts to access a service, the gesture would be present and access will be allowed. In contrast, if the malware program makes an access request, the gesture will be missing and access will be blocked.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach, researchers collected data from multiple phone models and multiple users in real-life or near real-life scenarios, simulating benign settings and adversarial scenarios. The results showed that the three gestures can be detected with a high overall accuracy and can be distinguished from one another and from other benign or malicious activities to create a viable malware defense.

In addition to the webinar, Zimperium is also providing a detailed report discussing the threats detected in the past quarter.

Mobile Threat Defense

The report, which will be available to the public after the webinar, provides details about these attacks and what can be learned from each one to better protect devices in the future. Toggle navigation. While this advice to IT managers is not particularly inspired or new, it is worth repeating. Your first and best defense against mobile malware is an educated user, one who knows what to do, what not to do and when to seek help.

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A base installation of anti-malware tools should be a part of your enterprise configuration. Mobile anti-malware is much more than looking for viruses; good products know about bad applications, can filter malicious URLs, look for misbehaving processes and provide centralized control and reporting.

For example, Samsung smartphones include Security Enhancements for Android SE for Android , a type of access control mechanism that prevents applications from exceeding their authorized boundaries. SE for Android by itself can block some kinds of malware attacks, but Samsung also uses over-the-air updates to the SE configuration when new malware is identified, to further tighten controls.

Are unpatched security vulnerabilities worth the risk?

A recent report shows just how much known vulnerabilities can cost your business. Joel Snyder, Ph. An internationally recognized expert in the areas of security, messaging and networks, Snyder is a popular speaker and author and is known for his unbiased and comprehensive tests of security and networking products.

Your Risk Factors

His clients include major organizations on six continents. Devices built with defense-grade protection from the chip up can collect and distribute data quickly and securely. With low latency and unprecented data transfer speeds, 5G is drastically improving officer efficiency and safety. Samsung offers ideal smartphones for physician and nurse communications, and APIs that let hospital IT secure and manage them. Our solution architects are ready to collaborate with you to address your biggest business challenges.

Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense
Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense
Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense
Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense
Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense
Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense Mobile Malware Attacks and Defense

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